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Sustainability is at the core of every choice we make

Sustainability and respect for our fish and the environment are key values at The Kingfish Company and form the basis for our design, operations and technology decisions. We go to great effort and expense to ensure that our operations are safe and healthy for our customers, stress-free and humane for our fish and have a minimum impact on the surrounding nature.

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Our do's

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Green, renewable electricity



Low impact on





This environmental focus is put into practice by efforts such as using 100% green electricity and installing custom made heat exchangers, as well as in our responsible use of natural Oosterschelde water in the basins where we further purify the water on arrival and filter it again before it is returned back to the sea. Our commitment to animal welfare goes hand in hand with our sustainability commitment, and we are proud to provide the best possible living conditions for our fish resulting in a high quality and healthy product for our consumers.

Three pillars of sustainability






At The Kingfish Company, we comply with globally recognized sustainability and food safety standards. Every single fish we produce and sell is certified under ASC, BAP, BRC, FOS and the Good Fish Foundation. 

The Kingfish Company is driven to guarantee the responsible production of premium seafood with the lowest possible carbon impact. We continue to work towards our environmental commitments made through our 25×25 sustainability campaign and we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Goals

Our Goals

The Kingfish Company has recognised sustainability has been a priority since our inception, formalizing its monitoring, evaluation and reporting in 2020, with the launch of our 25x25 sustainability campaign. We continually measure our performance against our definition of sustainable aquaculture, while being measured and audited by the certification bodies. We strive for excellence and will continue to prioritise our sustainability performance.

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Fish Health and Welfare

The Kingfish Company is fully committed to best practice fish health and welfare and to that end we have made specific fish welfare commitments. We have a Code of Ethics and Welfare related to fish production and we have implemented science-based fish welfare monitoring procedures which contribute to production management and performance.

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Animal welfare: based on the results of a 3 year independent research project focusing on animal welfare, permission was granted for the commercial production of the Dutch Yellowtail in Holland in 2012. Kingfish Zeeland continues to implement further improvements based on existing and new know-how, primarily out of respect for the fish itself as well as being part of our social responsibility. And from a commercial perspective, a happy fish performs better.

No antibiotics, no vaccines: keeping our water pure produces happy healthy fish in optimal conditions without the need for antibiotics or vaccines.

Fish Health and Welfare

People and Community

The success and growth of our business come from the accomplishments and well-being of our people. The Kingfish Company strives for excellence in all we do and is firmly committed to enabling a positive work environment and responsible work conditions for all. We collectively build a work environment that allows every person to thrive and to contribute to ongoing progress and best performance.

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People and Community

Environment and Innovation

The Kingfish Company is on a mission to promote sustainable aquaculture, offering responsible choices to the consumer and growing awareness and care for the planet and people. It is our purpose to produce a fish like no other, the perfect sustainable choice, because we care.

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Green electricity: our primary energy source is 100% renewable electricity - wind-powered and solar.

Heat exchangers: to minimise energy use for heating, our warm outflow water transfers heat to our incoming water through a state of the art heat-exchange system custom designed for marine water use.


Fresh water conservation: by using sea water, we don’t waste a precious and rare resource.

Biodiversity protection: unlike traditional cage farming, our farm is based on land. Our wastewater treatment with incorporated solids removal ensures the safe discharge of our outflow water. This system also ensures that it is technically impossible for our fish to escape. As an additional safety measure, the discharge of our hatchery and quarantine units is sterilised by powerful UV and Ozone treatment, ensuring that our farm has no biological impact on its natural surroundings. It is important to note that even if it was possible for the fish to escape, the natural sea temperature in Zeeland is too cold for the Dutch Yellowtail to survive. 

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Environment and Innnvation
Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

The Kingfish Company supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals were set to provide a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and in the future. 

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The Kingfish Company promotes a healthy diet by producing healthy fish, certified under strict Food Safety schemes. 

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By partnering up with schools and universities, valuable learning experiences in the form of internships are provided to students. Lifelong learning opportunities are provided to staff by the skills development plan.

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With aquaculture still being a mostly male dominated industry, The Kingfish Company supports growing opportunities for females within the company and aims to inspire women in the fields of science, food production and the environment. Equal opportunities and fair pay are provided to all employees.

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The farm uses 100% renewable electricity and aims to keep on increasing its energy use efficiency. We hope to inspire others and promote the use of green energy.

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Decent work conditions are an important factor in the health and well-being of our employees. Kingfish Zeeland is certified against several standards including a large social aspect, ensuring the well-being and safety of our employees. As a growing business, we contribute to job opportunities and economic growth in the region.

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To produce protein in the most sustainable way, focus is on designing and implementation of infrastructure and processes with limited or no environmental impact. Partnerships with designers, engineers and researchers drive the innovation within The Kingfish Company and thus in sustainable land-based aquaculture. 

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The core focus of the company is responsible production of sustainable seafood and promoting responsible consumption. This also includes responsible consumption of resources to be able to produce at lower impact.

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Monitoring and reducing carbon emissions will directly contribute to climate change. We aim to create awareness around sustainability and awareness of the impact of our actions on climate change. Not only for consumers, but also within the company by the formation of our Eco-team.

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– Save our oceans – By providing a sustainable alternative product to wild fisheries, which are under huge pressure. Not only the oceans, but also the life below our water is hugely important – Our fish! We provide them with the best care and value their welfare very highly, monitoring it 24/7.

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We manage our activities on land to have no negative impact on our surroundings. Land-based feed ingredients in the diets of our fish are sustainably sourced.



Sustainability is at the core of our business and plays a role in everything we do, from the design of our facilities to our day-to-day activities. To prove this, we comply with globally recognized sustainability schemes.


In 2018, our fish became the world’s first ASC-certified source of yellowtail. In the same year, our farm became the world’s first BAP certified land-based farm. Since then we maintained our ASC and BAP certificates and obtained more sustainability certifications.

Policies and Publication

Policies and Publications

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