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The team behind the Dutch Yellowtail

The founders of Kingfish Zeeland, Ohad Maiman, former VP of the Merhav Group, Kees Kloet of Silt Farm, and Hans den Bieman, Director of Sealand and former CEO of Marine Harvest, bring a unique and complimentary combination of hands-on Yellowtail farming, senior management in the Aquaculture field, and a diverse project development background.

Join the team!

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Operations Manager
Kingfish Maine

Tom Sorby
Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.36.42.jpg

Head of Sales
The Kingfish Company

Nicolas Hacker
Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.38.35.jpg

VP of Sales


Lauren Enz
Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.37.44.jpg

Head of Marketing

The Kingfish Company

Hope Kitterman
Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 13.27.18.JPG

Head of Quality & Sustainability
The Kingfish Company

Kim Tiebie
Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.37.12.jpg

Head of Design and Engineering

The Kingfish Company

Christiaan de Wet
Ronald Peereboom.png

Head of People & Culture
The Kingfish Company

Ronald Peereboom
Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.37.02.jpg

Head of Production

Kingfish Zeeland

Bram Rohaan
Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.38.23.jpg

Head of Hatchery

Sander Ruizeveld de Winter
Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 14.35.01.png
Martina Sponga

Business Development Manager
Southern Europe

Sarah Holmyard.jpeg

Business Development Manager
Uk & Ireland

Sarah Holmyard

Business Development Manager

Bob van Son
Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.38.51.jpg

Technical Manager
Kingfish Zeeland

Huibert Cornelisse

Vincent Erenst


Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 13.28.37.JPG

Jean-Charles Valette




A  Oost-Zeedijk 13  

    4485 PM Kats, the Netherlands



T +31 (0) 113 74 54 61


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