The team behind the Dutch Yellowtail

The founders of Kingfish Zeeland, Ohad Maiman, former VP of the Merhav Group, Kees Kloet of Silt Farm, and Hans den Bieman, Director of Sealand and former CEO of Marine Harvest, bring a unique and complimentary combination of hands-on Yellowtail farming, senior management in the Aquaculture field, and a diverse project development background.

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Innovation Manager
Kingfish Zeeland

Thomas Staessen
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Processing Controller
The Kingfish Company

Martijn Sinac
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HR Manager

Kingfish Zeeland

Ricardo de Hoog
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Kingfish Zeeland

Hugo Willemse

Brand Ambassador

Kingfish Zeeland

Janneke van der Linde

Assistant Production


Przemyslaw Krajewski
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Assistant Hatchery


Kristof Peene
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Assistant Hatchery


Pierre Joubert

Supply Chain Manager

Kingfish Zeeland

Petra Ruiter
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Office Manager

Kingfish Zeeland

Amber Damen
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Assistant Production


Patrick Voskuilen
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Business Development Manager

Angela Shaw
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Business Development Manager
Southern Europe

Martina Sponga
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Business Development Manager


Teresa Kus
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Operations Manager
Kingfish Maine

Megan Sorby
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General Manager
Kingfish Zeeland

Maryke Musson
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General Counsel

The Kingfish Company

Jan Hein Breve
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Head of Finance
The Kingfish Company

Pieter Tol
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Head of Sales
The Kingfish Company

Nicolas Hacker
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VP of Sales

 The Kingfish Company - US

Lauren Enz
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Head of Marketing

The Kingfish Company

Hope Kitterman
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Head of People
The Kingfish Company

Manouk Duval
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Quality Assurance Manager

The Kingfish Company

Cees Jan Bastiaansen
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Head of Design and Engineering

The Kingfish Company

Christiaan de Wet
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Hatchery Manager 

Kingfish Zeeland

Sander Ruizeveld de Winter
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Production Manager

Kingfish Zeeland

Bram Rohaan
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Technical Manager 

Kingfish Zeeland

Huibert Cornelisse

Ohad Maiman

Founding Partner & CEO

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.38.13.jpg

Hans den Bieman

Founding Partner &
Chairman of the Board

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Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.47.34.jpg

Kees Kloet

Founding Partner & COO

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 16.37.19.jpg

Christo du Plessis


Strategic partners

Billund Aquaculture

Technology & Engineering

With a large and well documented reference list and more than 27 years of experience in design, installations, operation and service of intensive re-circulation fish farms, Billund has consistently delivered successful systems. Billund has been chosen by management as the lead contractor for the design, build  and commissioning of the Kingfish Zeeland farm.


Wageningen University

Lab and R&D

As one of the leading Marine and Aquaculture Universities in Europe, WU’s extensive research into fish nutrition, livestock welfare and recirculation system water treatment supports the management of Kingfish Zeeland in ensuring optimal ongoing growth conditions and testing potentially better feed and hatchery solutions.


Building Contractor

Van der Straaten

With over 110 years of operations, VdS is one of the most experienced contractors in southwest Netherlands and Belgian Flanders, specialising in the high performance, marine water resistant concrete and steel works (scaffolding, fenders, mooring devices, locks, bridges, embankments, pumping stations, water treatment plants, settling tanks, etc.) VCA ** 2008 / 5.1 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified.



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    4485 PM Kats, the Netherlands



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