Land-based Marine Aquaculture is facing a watershed moment, moving from experimental to practical technology that is poised to fill the growing supply gap.



Het ontwikkelen, implementeren en testen van: een high-tech waterzuiveringssysteem voor oppervlaktewater; een innovatief visvriendelijk transportsysteem; en een vernieuwend, betrouwbaar verdovingssysteem waarmee een visvriendelijk kweekproces voor Yellowtail Kingfish wordt gerealiseerd.

Dit project ontvangt cofinanciering vanuit het Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling in het kader van OPZuid. 

It starts with fresh North Sea water flowing through a pristine nature reserve marine estuary. 

And then we make it even better: our advanced system purifies, enriches and adapts the water to the Yellowtail's optimal conditions.

Working closely with some of the world's leading

equipment suppliers and engineering companies, we have access to proprietary first hand expertise regarding the requirements and demands of the Yellowtail in land-based recirculation systems. This has resulted in Kingfish Zeeland’s production facility, which has been designed to achieve levels of control, safety, reliability and sustainability not currently available in alternative production systems.

Fresh marine water is drawn at high replacement rates, purified, oxygenated and meticulously monitored and controlled to create optimal temperature, light and water conditions for the Yellowtail, resulting in healthy, strong and apparently happy fish.

• Close to market, fresh, year round production​

• Optimal growth conditions (oxygen, water quality that can be monitored and controlled)​

• No feed waste​

• Lower Feed Conversion Ratios (lower FCRs are better, as it implies higher efficiency in  converting

feed into growth in body mass)​

• Reduced risks of disease and mortality

 Reduced need for medication​

• Minimal resource and natural waste footprint​

• Small land requirement (a 2000 ton system requires only 3 hectares)​

• Seawater-based system means no fresh water is wasted.​

• Solid output can be separated from seawater and used as organic fertilizers​

• Reduced manpower requirements​

• Isolated from predators, extreme weather, water pollution, parasites, or algal blooms 

The Kingfish Zeeland Aquaculture Park is located in the Province of Zeeland, in the Netherlands, on the shores of a pristine marine estuary nature reserve.
Clean fish eat well and swim in pure water. For our Yellowtail, it starts with the pristine water of a Natura 2000 marine estuary Nature Reserve. And then we make it better.

Utilizing cutting edge technology, over 30 years of hands-on marine fish farming experience, and the strictest  sustainability practices, Kingfish Zeeland is introducing a uniquely pure fish to the premium EU market: Fresh daily deliveries of locally grown, organic-fed, Dutch Yellowtail (Hiramasa / Kingfish / often used interchangeably with close cousin Hamachi or just as "Yellowtail")






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+31 (0) 113 74 54 61