The founders of Kingfish Zeeland, Ohad Maiman, former VP of the Merhav Group, Kees Kloet of Silt Farm, and Hans den Bieman, Director of Sealand and former CEO of Marine Harvest, bring a unique and complimentary combination of hands-on Yellowtail farming, senior management in the Aquaculture field, and a diverse project development background. The founding team was complete with Itay Young, former VP at HSBC's Investment Banking division joining Kignfish Zeeland as the CFO.

In his former position as VP Business Development at the Merhav Group, Mr. Maiman has had the opportunity to evaluate, develop, and manage multiple operations in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water treatment and Agricultural industries, and that was where he first encountered the land based aquaculture sector. Impressed by the potential of the nascent field, Mr. Maiman left his former position and dedicated himself to study the opportunity in depth, culminating in the founding and launch of Kingfish Zeeland in 2015. Graduated from Columbia University in 2003.


Ohad Maiman

Mr. Kloet is a pioneer in the Land Based field and the first to build and operate a Yellowtail Kingfish RAS farm(Silt BV). He was involved in the start-up of approximately 30 RAS fish farms worldwide, and  responsible for the training of staff and for the first production of a range of different species. In  1993, he also co-founded and served as the commercial director at Coppens International BV. Mr. Kloet holds a Masters in Aquaculture (Msc) from Wageningen University.

Chief Operating Officer

Kees Kloet

Hans den Bieman is currently a shareholder and director of Sealand- the largest smolt producer in Chile. Amongst various top management positions in the field, Mr. Den Bieman served as COO of Nutreco Aquaculture (2000 to 2005) and as CEO of Netherlands-based Marine Harvest, the world’s largest fish-farming company (2005-2007). Mr. Den Bieman holds a Masters in Aquaculture (Msc) from Wageningen University.

Partner & Chairman of the Board

Hans den Bieman

Former VP at HSBC’s Investment Banking division and prior to that a Senior Manager at KPMG’s Financial Advisory Team with significant experience in banking, M&A, capital raise (ECM, DCM, etc.) and other financial advisory services, as well as cross industry / broader experience, including F&B sector. Education: MBA, Tel Aviv University; BA in Accounting, Economics and Business Administration, Tel Aviv University; CPA

CFO & Head of Business Development

Itay Young

Production Team

Fish play a central role in Mr. Rohaan's life; it started with angling, developed into keeping ornamental carp and eventually led to a career in the production of consumption fish in RAS. Bram earned an aquaculture degree from Wageningen University, and prior to joining Kingfish Zeeland worked for 3 years as the production manager for Atlantic Sapphire’s Langsand Laks (world’s first commercial land based grow-out for Atlantic salmon, based in Denmark). 

Production Manager

Bram Rohaan

As the former R&D Manager of Zeeuwse Tong, Mr. Ruizeveld has gained hands-on expertise in the hatchery management and full life cycle of Lobsters, Oysters and Sole amongst other marine seafood species. Sander is a graduate of Wageningen University and is leading the team responsible for Kingfish Zeeland's Parent Stock Program and ongoing hatchery operations.

Hatchery Manager

Sander Ruizeveld de Winter

Mr. Bastiaansen holds a Master’s degree in Aquaculture (MSc) from Wageningen University, and during his Master thesis he focused on waste water treatment in RAS, by integrating and analysing various denitrification techniques. Prior to joining Kingfish Zeeland Mr. Bastiaansen has gained experience with various aquaculture species: tilapia (Indonesia), trout (The Netherlands) and Atlantic salmon (Canada). Cees-Jan leads Kingfish Zeeland's certification process and quality control measures. 

Quality Control & Certifications

Cees-Jan Bastiaansen

Strategic Partners

With a large and well documented reference list and more than 27 years of experience in design, installations, operation and service of intensive re-circulation fish farms, Billund has consistently delivered successful systems. Billund has been chosen by management as the lead contractor for the design, build  and commissioning of the Kingfish Zeeland farm.

Technology & Engineering

As one of the leading Marine and Aquaculture Universities in Europe, WU’s extensive  research into fish nutrition, livestock welfare and recirculation system water treatment supports the  management of Kingfish Zeeland in ensuring optimal ongoing growth conditions and testing  potentially better feed and hatchery solutions.

Lab and R&D

With over 110 years of operations, VdS is one of the most experienced contractors in southwest Netherlands and Belgian Flanders, specializing in the high performace, marine water resistant concrete and steel works (scaffolding, fenders, mooring devices, locks, bridges, embankments, pumping stations, water treatment plants, settling tanks, etc.) VCA ** 2008 / 5.1 and ISO 9001: 2008 certified.

Building Contractor


Founder of the branding and business strategy consultancy Andy Mosmans & Company and cso/partner at ARA creative agency, part of TBWA\Worldwide. Mr. Mosmans studied Business Economics at the Erasmus University and worked in various international marketing and management positions at Philips Electronics, FHV BBDO Group, a part of BBDO Worldwide. Furthermore. Andy is Board Advisor of Tchai International and a member of the Advisory Board of Rotterdam Partners.

Brand & Marketing

Andy Mosmans

Mr. Boon is an aqua feed and nutrition expert with 30 years of experience in the sector. A graduate of Wageningen University with a specialization in fish nutrition, Hans worked for 15 years at Provimi where he eventually managed the Aquafeed division. Mr. Boon has worked on feed formulation for Yellowtail with Kingfish Zeeland's founding partner Kees Kloet during his early pilot phase, and is assisting in developing custom formulations for Kingfish Zeeland.

Nutrition & Feed Formulation

Hans Boon


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